Every remote viewer should study the methods of Nostradamus because he could time travel in his mind!  Most don't! Too bad for them!                          

                                                 The ideas on this website are in no small part influenced by my study of Nostradamus 

                                                                                           The Towers at the 45th 

My personal thoughts on the credibility of Nostradamus :  

Just because the Bible was considered a finished work, it did not mean, in my opinion, that Prophets would stop

coming to Earth!  We must use history to study the effects of the stars and planets on great events of the past, with

the help of an ephemeris. Then we can begin to understand future trends and add our divination and clairvoyance

to the process to predict exact details. We can stimulate future dreams. I think mediumship is the secret to

Nostradamus's talent. Activating your abilities when the planets are correct at a sacred site or what some might call

a vortex, second, while there, try working with flower and gem charged waters in some form of a seance.

Nostradamus was taught about Jewish mystic ways by both his Grandfathers and there is a good chance he had

learned about astral projection.  This would really help speed up your PSY-Q. As far as seeing your future goes, the

process can be done in a future life progression (moving into your future within your current or progressive

lifetimes), Nostradamus was quite good at doing this. You can work with a living person or Spirit Guide to help you

with this process. When Nostradamus lost his wife and daughter to the plague, he turned to mediumship to contact

the departed and once he reached them they showed him that they would be together in future lifetimes, and at

this point, he understood how he could see the future with this method. He also discovered that when the moon

moves through the 13th sign of the Eagle at the end of Scorpio and the beginning of the Archer, the earth and moon

align with the central sun, you can then see the future quite clearly. This sign is also called Ophiuchus the serpent

bearer, the serpent may refer to the arm of the Galaxy.  Being the doctor to the French King, Nostradamus, had a

great understanding of psychic plants and I am sure he used a few to enhance his state of mediumship. So

Nostradamus used the planets to tell him when to divine the future as an herbalist he used plants to enhance his

experience. He lived in a location near Neolithic Sites located on ancient ley lines when he made his most important

prophecies.    What made me believe Nostradamus? His 1999 prediction and his 911 prediction. In the 1500s,

Nostradamus predicted an eclipse so dark that it was darker than any since the Christ died upon the cross would

occur in 1999 and seven months , he said this eclipse would provoke a war before it and one just after and that this

eclipse would call back to life Genghis Khan. Well it was very dark and it's shadow passed from France to the

Kashmir, where on that day India and Pakistan were at the brink of nuclear war thanks to Osama. The silo doors

were open and the missiles were ready to fly. Russia backed India and China backed Pakistan and two great armies

faced each other on an ancient battle field. Twelve Indian generals took to the air in a propeller driven military plane

to look at their troop positions as the eclipse shadow moved rapidly toward the Kashmir. A Pakistani MIG spotted

the general's plane and without permission, locked onto the target, then he fired twice. The general's pilot saw the

missiles and flew close to the high mountain passes losing the jet and avoiding the missiles just when the eclipse

shadow darkened the mountain range. The group that almost brought the world into a nuclear war in Asia was the

same group that brought down the twin towers. The war before was in the Bosnia and the war after was in

Chechnya. Nostradamus also had predicted that the missiles at 45' would hit the towers in the new city that was the

garden of the world (central park) . (New York) 2001 /9/11 the Twin Towers. Earthshaking fire from the center of the

earth will cause tremors around the New City. Two great rocks will war for a long time, then (Arethusa) will redden a

new river. Arethusa is an anagram for ( USA - hater) (1555) How did he do it and print it in a book in 1555 ? Well that

is a question all of us remote viewers wanted to know the answer to. Stars Planets, Divination of the Torah and

Clairvoyance all contribute to the answer. But he has proved to me that he could predict the future. Now I am going

to show you how he did it. I have been watching for years as Pluto moves forwards and backwards in the sky as it

passes through Sagittarius near the galactic center that acts of terror and large natural disasters tend to occur with

Pluto's movement. So in 1996 when the towers were the first time while Pluto was station (Standing Still) and

Nostradamus had said the missiles would hit the new city towers a 45' near the garden of the world (New York is at

45' and the garden is then central park. I had a strong intuitive feeling the towers would be hit again. So I watched

Pluto as it approached station near 9 11 2001 and in the August newsletter for the Crumbaugh, Spiritualist Church

and sent word to my government sources that I predicted the planes would hit the towers on 9/9 my thinking and

clairvoyance both my feelings and Nostradamus told me a plane would look like a missile to Nostradamus and the

towers were near the garden of Central Park. I understand the original plan was to take place on 9/9 but was

changed to 9/11. One must build upon what is given, watch the planets for timing and use clairvoyance and

divination to predict an event. A Remote Viewer's job is to get close, draw a sketch of events and create a time zone

when people should be on alert. Nostradamus was a master of this. Latter I was able to save my wife and daughter

from taking a flight that was blown up over Russia by the black widows, using the same methods as I did with the

towers. Much earlier in 1991 I used the method to predict the uprising that ended the Soviet Union in August of

1991 and that's how I was hired to go to Russia Tibet to study their remote viewing methods in Irkutsk Siberia. Could

Nostradamus have divined a code in the Talmud ? (a Bible Code) ? I believe the Bible's code can be Dowsed and

Nostradamus like Daniel understood how to read it without a computer. I think Daniel and Nostradamus dowsed the

Bible code. Prophets were very good water dowsers in their day and this is why the people in a dry land respected

them so much. I have heard of no evidence  that Nostradamus was a dowser but I would bet he was quite good at it.

My own clairvoyance shows me a Bible scroll being rolled and unrolled over a distance of approx. five feet with the

prophet standing in the center of the moving scroll he has dipped his hazel rod in a jar of water. When his rod hits

the scroll it stops rolling and the section is read with code spacers that overlay the writing while the word of God is

searched for. I think in a past life time I witnessed this event in ancient Israel based on the long hair and robes that

these people were wearing in my vision.      

Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Arabic: محمد بن سلمان بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود‎; born 31 August 1985, also known as MBS, is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, also serving as First Deputy Prime Minister, President of the Council for Economic and Development Affairs and Minister of Defense—the world's youngest office holder at the time. He has been described as the power behind the throne of his father, King Salman.He was appointed Crown Prince in June 2017 following his father's decision to remove Muhammad bin Nayef from all positions, making Mohammad bin Salman heir apparent to the throne. Nostradamus gave the Third Antichrist the following code name. He’s Mabus. A number of notorious contemporary figures, still living or recently dead from the Middle East can see their names spelled in the Mabus code. But there also are other leaders from the West, deeply entangled in Middle Eastern turmoil, a current US president and a charismatic candidate who could be his successor whose names also easily decode out of Mabus, making the search for the right candidate the most provocative and topical challenge presented by Nostradamus for our present times. Is MBS, MABUS? I think so. This time stamped post is my record. 4/14/2018 He has been accused of risking instability in the Middle East through his detention of human rights activists, intervention in Yemen, escalation of Saudi's diplomatic crisis with Qatar and the start of the diplomatic crisis with Lebanon, as well as his arrests of members of the Saudi royal family in November 2017 His proposed Saudi 2030 vision includes economic, social and religious changes, and plans to list shares of the coveted, state-owned oil company Aramco. Despite promised reforms, the arrests and persecutions rate of human rights activists have risen under Mohammad bin Salman. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch continue to criticize the Saudi government for its violations of human rights.

                                                          http://www.sacred-texts.com/nos/index.htm   - Good information on a Good Prophet

                                                   Nostradamus helped me more than any living teacher to develop my abilities