They are here because in part we are them and what is done can not be undone. They want are minerals and our DNA. Some want to help us and others want to exploit us. The circles in the wheat are what we must heed!    

                 Our latest adventure in calling UFO's


fI F - Skeptics were meant to understand they would have been born with the DNA to perceive higher dimensions, they were not, and like ancient Greeks who could not see the color blue, they have become like windows XP. The world will soon pass them by. Mankind is evolving and there is no room for those who lack spiritual grace, love kindness and humility. 

                         The Truth is out there!

CSETI - organized teams some advanced ideas on contact MUFON - focus on investigation UFO REPORTING & TRACKING - a website with good data FAMOUS UFO CASES - interesting reading HELP WITH ABDUCTION SYMPTOMS - real cases, Find out about implants from surgeons! If you are really afraid of E.T.'s you may have had contact with the bad boys!

UFO's - You may have never seen a UFO and I have never seen Miami but I hear it's very nice there! The point is I have enough evidence to believe Miami is real and you have been given enough evidence to believe UFO's are real! So what are you going to do about it? Also Check out video playlists on UFOs -

     Star People!  Star Seed Quiz - Are You from the Stars? 

Why should you take the starseed quiz? Because if you have been on this site for a while you might just be a star person. This version of the test I feel slants towards females but it's one of the better online tests. If you or someone you know has seen more than one UFO they should take this test! 

  I do not know this young women but this is the type of story I hear from many young people that write to me.

My Shamanic Artifact used for contacting ET's I estimate it's age at at least8000yrs.   

           On the Trail of Percy Fawcett we found an                   underwater UFO Base in the Beni of  Bolivia.

                             UFO's on the boarder between Bolivia and Brazil a hot spot for close up sightings
             Over Fifteen Years of Flights Every Night If You do not believe me I have a news crew to back me up! 
                                                                  Satellite Photos of Speeding UFO's 

Below a crop circle that gives the identity of it's maker....... Our interpretation.                   

More on the topic of our search with good results that have convinced me we are not alone! Below my interpretation of the Ikpen Serpent Crop Circles one of the largest ever created! The ET's who are helping us are from Sirius!

                               The Stars are our true home so who might want our planet?

If you want to take over a planet without the inhabitants knowing you had ever been there you would create a system where a very small elite group could run everything. You would just need to control that small elite group. Then you would need to create religions that would enslave the population and revisionist science that would dispute the ancient and current truth of extraterrestrial visitation. You would create a world economic government In a place like Geneva Switzerland and create bases under mountains or lakes and connect them with tunnels so you could navigate without detection and mine human resources. You would increase the population to harvest genetic material and sell it to alien cultures that want hybrid slaves which they can control on planets with resources they wish to extract. You would selectively educate your population so they could create more sophisticated components that could be sold for even more profit. You would not let them have technology that would allow individuals to have freedom.You would keep your slaves brainwashed through their diet and you would tell them what to think through television and you would support leaders who crushed revolts. You would want your slaves to be afraid of God and Government. When you had taken everything of value from the planet you would leave and let the slaves destroy each other while their junk DNA turned them back into primates. Perhaps all ET's are not bad, but if slaves chose to believe in UFOs you would want your slaves to believe all ET's were evil. You would have created slaves in your own image so they would see your culture as gods and crush any ET's that looked different than your Gnome. Some ET's might try to steal your slaves genetic material or resources this would help your manipulated elite believe that all ET's are a threat. Pretty Clever! But you never realized humans might evolve in ways you could not predict and now your operation has been compromised and the slaves are in revolt. They are using the advanced tools you culture gave them to destroy the elite. Infrared lighting video devices can detect aliens that look human by noting differences in their heat signatures. They can not suppress the internet. Sanity is defined by the elite, remember that! But when the slaves know the truth the tower of babel will topple. Be free today embrace your individuality! Let the light of our star Aten transform you. This is what the Mayans we told.

If the U.S. government lied for so many years about the existence of Area 51 even after it was apparent to the population that it existed , then should we suspect the U.S. government has lied to the population about the existence of UFO's and the Roswell Crash? If we use the American Government's behavior, where Area 51 is concerned as a model, it predicts that, if the U.S. government did know about UFO's they would certainly lie about it no matter how much good evidence there was, that supported the existence of extraterrestrials.
I also find it fascinating that, very often, the same people who believe that U.S. astronauts went to the moon, with 1969 tech., do not believe in UFO's. Maybe we will soon have definitive evidence we are not alone. 


If any  ET's out there or living among us are monitoring me I have a idea for first contact. Make us a really big crop circle of the Moon then map out a X marks the spot. Give the GPS in Sumerian and in so doing invite us back to the Moon to meet with you. Then send a really bright pulse of light that everyone on Earth can see from the Moon. If we really went to the moon we can go back and meet you. Then start sending us Morris Code light flashes from the Moon letting us know if a meeting really takes place or give us a crop circle update. This way the people of Earth can see your message and no government can hurt you or suppress your message. If I was making first contact with a violent civilization destroying its people and planet that's how I would do it!  I understand what you are saying and I know you are listening to me and everyone else!   IfFrequency = One over Time and Birkeland currents always have a velocity of 0 over infinity within a quantum singularity, our universe by a different name. So if Time = 0 over infinity then a star drive solves time and space by converting matter to electricity outside of a wire then back again with an artificial Mer Ka Bah Field. By moving into singularity ( everywhere) and back into any time and any location within the universe. Doctor Who's Tardis might be how we get where and when before we ever left! The Vimana's mercury drive!           


                                         With Crop Circles the truth is in the Wheat Nodes!
              The true home of the Anunnaki is written the architecture of the Giza plateau in Egypt  

I will not go into the details of the similarities between ancient Egyptian and Sumerian histories of the time of Zep tepi (Golden Age) in Khemt (Egypt) know as (THE DARK LAND). Although I should say some of this information made it's way into the Old Testament of the Bible. Where I read it as a child and felt filled with awe and wonder. Certainly by it's self the Great Pyramid was a great feat of engineering and one that has been studied an intense way. The more humanity learns and discovers about the universe the more mankind discovers encoded in the Great Pyramid with artifacts, math and geometry. But what about the 21 other super massive million plus ton pyramids built with 200 ton blocks that were made from a stone almost as hard as diamond, which are located on the Giza Plateau? Most people only know of three and one being the Great Pyramid. These are the belt pyramids and part of the constellation Orion brought down to earth by ancient builders who looked to the star filled sky and missed their home. As to the age of these 22 pyramids, evidence shows there was once a great Tsunami wave that hit with such power it damaged and destroyed some of these massive structures and covered advanced ancient cities, that had populations in the millions, with the sands of time. This event pushed the Nile river eight miles to the East. Fore once it's ancient shores touched the edge of the pyramid complexes. I would describe this wave as a flood of biblical proportion. 12,500 years ago the remnant peoples of the once great Atlantis rediscovered these monuments as the seas resided and settled in Egypt because they knew there would be another great event that would destroy their beloved islands in the Atlantic ocean yet leave most of Egypt safe. These were the people of (Set) (the Atlanteans) who joined the people of (Horus) the (Sumerians) in Khmet in hopes of surviving a comet impact. They wanted to create a monument for future ages of mankind that would share their wisdom even tell mankind something important about his future. So they repaired and enlarged the Great Pyramid and added the Sphinx as a clock, with hidden records of all Atlantean civilization had accomplished, to guard the times of the ages until they would return in our time in new human bodies as modern man. These last Atlanteans knew from there history that the 22 massive pyramids had been destroyed by a crustal displacement event that moved the continent of Antarctica South to it's current location. If you do not believe me ask Charles Hapgood and Albert Einstein about it! To sum this up the age of the 22 massive Giza plateau pyramids is older than 30,000 years because 30,000 years ago the earth shifted on it's axis creating a new equator this left the once great Atlantis only a few islands to call home. The Giza Plateau is a star map and our latest research, independent of what other researchers think, is detailed in our earth and sky maps below. I share this documented information that can be forensically traced back to this post.Because you saw it here first. It is important that people know the true history of humanity. The Giza Plateau represents the 5th hour of Am Tuat a part of the sky described in the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. The 22 major pyramids built on the Nile represent a line of stars, star clusters and galaxies laid out along the ancient shore of the Nile river which has moved eight miles to the East since the pyramids were built. To understand the significance of my photographs it helps to have some knowledge of the Anunnaki and ancient Egyptian legends about the tree of life. I have found a place of origin recorded in a hieroglyphics and a million tons of super hard really large pyramid stones. A location in the stars much like our own Sun. Maps stones and stars do not lie. Governments and the scientists working for them present falsehoods about the origin of mankind. We are not alone in the multiverse and life on earth did not begin here. If humanity can survive the next few years we will begin to know the truth and enter into a golden age. May I inspire you and give you hope, fore the ancients did not want us to fail so they drew us a huge map and filled it with clues. Pictures truly are worth thousands of words! My Past G+ Posts cover the old equator and Gobekli Tepe and other topics covered in this post.       

1961 - Visitor god - KGB unearthed the tomb of a large alien body - Thoth the teacher of humanity and modifier of the Belt Pyramids. The KGB movies of the discovery are now online. I have seen the reconstruction of Thoth and I think he could be from Mars. They are but one group influencing Earth. Now we are meeting the Anunn Aki, for Mars was once part of another solar system that crashed into our own. It followed a star from the dwarf sagittarius galaxy as it crashed into our spiral arm. Time travel is important in this story. Now you know why the gold was mined. Living on a smaller planet with less gravity Martians would be tall and hate to labor in the higher gravity of Earth. So they would combine their DNA with primates to make a simple worker. Like plants they could breath the CO2 on Earth just as we breath the O2. The Russian boy was telling the truth. By the time the Russian boy was 11 and interviewed by project Camelot he had already forgot most of what he knew when he was young. But most of what he said when he was younger was documented.


                   Discoveries we made in Peru.......

                                                         Where the lakes are filled with UFOs and Orbs!

                                      Drone and satellite photos of orbs in mountain lakes in Peru! 
                          Red, Blue and Green orbs not of this earth captured in motion underwater from the air! 
                                             Cigar UFO caught on satellite and near the same GPS by camera 
                                     The water is cold! Would you go boating over an underwater UFO Base?