The Jedi must have the right diet

     Transforming simple DNA through Chakra Stimulation 

 The path of Alchemy is as old as time here on Earth it is all about energy field resonance . So after you have  begun to live on light by becoming a vegetarian you will be ready to consume the refined energy of Source Field.

If you wondered why Gurus sat in dark caves or seances were preformed in the dark, Mantak explains that Lung Gom methods can produce DMT safely in the dark. My Remote Viewers know this.  

Two Points of View about ingesting Fungus and plant based DMT. Point : Mantak is older than Graham and does not dye his hair.  

Psychedelic drugs activate the death hormone. Some people benefit from being close to death but you have to ask, is there a safer way? These drugs will age you!  

  Points of view are important to make an educated choice about how you will ask your body to produce DMT.

You pay a price for using powerful drugs. I do not recommend this path but some people seem to benefit from a swift kick, but they should move to flowers, herbs and gemstone elixirs ASAP! Continued use has to high of a cost.   

                                               What I learned in Russian Tibet!

         The safer way of Gems, Herbs and Flowers

Flower Essences and Gem Elixirs take longer to activate the pineal gland but are much safer. It is true that some people need a good punch of psychic consciousness.  If you take to much DMT your body can not produce it's own! Please don't abuse psychedelics! You don't have to! There is a better way!     

               The Ancient way of the Blue Lotus 

The Psychic Properties of Gems, Herbs and Flowers can open your mind spirit and body to the source field  

An ingredient list  that I use when making Flower Essence Wine is Chamomile Flower Tea, Blue lotus Tea boiled with Date Sugar and added to Passion Fruit Juice and an equal amount of Grape Juice.  Let it ferment into a wine that will help meditation and over time has made me strong in the ways of the FORCE!  





         Make a brandy flower essence first then add to wine for a better flavor!                                                     I include a link of basic information  


Part #2. Water- The Water I use to make a Psychic Mead or Wine is very special and is just as important as the Flowers I add.  

You must understand the Power of Water and the Sun light that can alter it to understand how it activates your DNA.

                               No one understands water better than Dr. Patrick Flanagan  

Tektites have special consciousness enhancing properties when wear them or make DMT enhancing elixirs with them.    

Add a tektite meteorite to your Gem elixirs to enhance the natural production of DMT. Try to make a Blue Lotus Flower essence in ancient Egypt it was used to stimulate DMT productionClean your pineal gland with ginger , carrot and cilantro juice added to clear quartz gem elixir.

                        Fluoride is bad for your pineal gland use Fluorite in your toothpaste!  

                    I add Gem Elixirs and Flower Essences to Supplemented Juices and make my own flower wines  GEM Elixirs  Flower Essences 

Above my Youtube Channel Link to making elixirs

You may want to read five important books Gem Elixirs and vibrational healing V1 and V2 

Flower essence V1  , Star essence V1  and the Spiritual Properties of Herbs. 

These are serious books written on a high academic level.  Sadly out of print try Amazon or Ebay. 

Gurudas, - Cassandra Press  and Pegasus products flower essences might be helpful in tracing down the books.         

                   How I make Elixirs for myself.                       

                                                     Warm Water to Boiling!  Then quickly turn off the heat.   

                          Then put your hard gemstones outside where it can capture the energy of the Sun

                     WARNING! Non toxic silica based stones with a moho hardness 6 and above on the scale. 

         Step two - just to boiling water then stop! 

       Step three Place Elixir in the Sun for at least 2 h.

                                                MY IDEAS ON HOW TO ENHANCE A FLOWER ESSENCE                                                

Add a Stone Circle to enhance, contain and concentrate energy pyramids help charge gem and flower water make sure your pyramid sides face the four cardinal directions!  

                                                 Water holds energy  Pyramids can charge flower essences

Adding Sound and Music to a gem elixir or flower essence can enhance the orgone by charging water.Tibetan bowls, flutes and other music instruments played in a way that vibrates the water will enhance an essence. So will singing the vowel sounds through tuning forks.     

A red stone or flower water would benefit from a red sound range  Charge and mix your elixirs with sound it can really reach the atomic level of the essence 

                           You can see the water matrix move when you use sound to charge and mix elixirs 

The Sun our star is made of water and it's cosmic rays really charge water with life force  

The dark of the Moon can charge an essence with YANG energy The Light of the Moon is YIN  because it is reflected from our Female star Aten known also by ancient Egyptians also as Isis.    Softer Gemstones take lunar charge better than a solar one.  Flowers like the Sun first and then the moon!  Remember Yang flowers and gemstones like the dark of the moon and yin flowers and gemstones like the full moon.  Lunar and solar conjunctions with stars and planets are interesting for elixirs and essences. 

Add crystals to local trees to enhance the Prana  -  A tree can add energy to gem and flower waters                    The energy of a tree should match the energy in any elixir that you're trying to make  You can get lots of life force out of big Oaks  just like a pyramid so I built a crystal circle by a tree , near a spring feed lake. The ancient Fang Shin would like the Feng Shui (geomancy)  of such a location  for charging elixirs with both yin and yang energy.



Make Flower Essences at a Holy Site or Vortex  I create my Essences at Camp Chesterfield when I am in the USA  at Sedona, Mt. Shasta, Cahokia, Native American Indian Mounds, Pure Water Falls ect.  The Inca understood the sacredness of vortex charged sacred water as well as Celts and Egyptians  

         Holy Vortex charged water in Peru that is used for healing. The waterfall faces the Sun's light all day  

Ley Lines and Sacred Sites enhance psychic ability and water can hold that energy which can be brought into the body. I have made my gem and flower waters at high energy locations all over the world.


 Sacred Sites that are built near vortexes can be used to charge gem and flower waters                                                       Founders of Religion Camp Chesterfield Indiana

                       my-jedi-temple-field-of-dreams.php  -  Native American mound sites are often vortexes 

                 Where did I learn about DMT? 

                           During the Cold War I went on several research expeditions on behalf of Western Nations.  

As a Remote Viewer and Dowser I have used Alchemy to enhance the art of Psychic Location of ancient artifacts and sites of even greater psychic power.

 Searching for UFO's and Plants with Psychic Properties in many locations around the world. 

                                       I discovered and named the Gemstone Seraphinite in Northern Siberia 


   The gates to the temple in the Tibetan monastery on the shores of Lake Baikal This is where I learned about the                                                 Tibetan practice of the ancient secret art of Lung Gom

Paintings of the Invoginsky Datsan On the shores of lake Baikal where Bon Shaman and Buddhist Monks  came together to create powerful methods of Lung Gom.   I learned how to make powerful Gem Elixirs and Flower Essences here. This area was where all of  Shamanism originated with the teachings of Ai the great White Eagle

                   The ancient migrations from this area brought shamanistic ideas all over the world. 

    Shambhalla has much to teach us about plants and gemstones  the water quality is amazing in Ozero Baikal

                      Prayer Flags are wonderful things to view I often made my essences near this tree 

                                          When you see a two humped camel you know you are in Mongolia

                                 We are working to come up with psychic foods that people might truly enjoy