The Book, It's being written!

                     A Few Words About Myself!


                                                                             The Methods of the real Jedi of ancient Khemt 

                                                       The Beth.el - Silence is golden if thou art in the presence of the Highest!                                     
                                                                     Par.Coi.So.Suno.Cum - I am one in body mind and Spirit!                                                 

                                                                                i-e-o-u-e-i-o-um the chant of gathering light                                                            
                                                                        A-r-r-r-O-u-u-Ur the sound that loosens the Astral Body                                                

Out line of my Book Like Dan Brown's autobiographical account of how he learned. 

Introduction ;  What gives me the right to write a book on Psychic Methods -  bio

How I became a spiritual alchemist 

Astral Projection experiences as a child

The ghost of a dowser who taught me to dowse: Mr. Pearson and Mr. Gardner 

T.C. Lethbridge

Camp Chesterfield

the Seance for contacting Spirits and ET's like Lung Gom Pa

Hunting Crystals

if you can find quartz you can find gold, if you can find water you can find oil, and if you can find lost objects you can find people. 

Air America and the good earth army - Village of the Witch Doctors Peru


Crystal Store

Contacts, the world came to me.

meeting the royals and kings

UFO contactee  astral projection first contact with Et's and Spirits

Healing Hauntings and gun fights 

Dowsing for oil and gold : SERIS  Methods of Remote Viewing and Dowsing 

Russian Tibet  : SERIS

Shambhalla, Invoginsky Datsan, Telatyev, UFO's intervention Tunguska, Searaphinite  

Team Psychic Six 


Bell Rock Time Travel  & Vortexes : SERIS

Patrick Flanagan

Recruiting Psychics and the psychic line 

discoveries and super alignment ley lines treasure maps of ancient knowledge. 

Rebuilding a Sacred Earth : SERIS

Team Psychic Six Training and the book of the Jedo. : SERIS

Past life memories of places and events know to history as confirmed by Kevin Ryerson

These would be stories based on memories and insights i received from my Spirit Guides

Book of Prophesy