modern day Library of Alexandria located where three Ley Lines intersect. These lines originate from sacred sites in the Yucatan and Mexico. Only Higher Forces could have influenced the selection of the selection of the Wheaton Theosophical location. The ley lines intersecting indicate the location of an electromagnetic vortex.  under construction: 


 1st - Ley Line Teotihuacan-Chaokia-Theo-Wheaton 

Correspondence I sent the organization about my discovery:

The Ley Line running through your grounds is a UFO sightings corridor where many sightings are recorded moving on a North / South vector. 

It would seem that shifting octaves in what Quantum Mechanics calls (our Multiverse) is easier on Ley Lines.
Major Ley Lines that arc around the Earth are called Great Circles ( Great Circle ) .  

Your land is on a Great Circle line and might be thought of as a nadis line moving out from a major earth chakra. 

The question that must be asked is:  Could your grounds be a vortex where other Earth energy currents cross? If your land is on a limestone aquifer it support the idea of a vortex
on your grounds. Research done at the Great Pyramid Complex on the Giza Plateau and the methods Nicola Tesla used in determining locations for the wireless transmission of electrical power in relation to the Earth's magnetic field must be considered. 

There seems to be a Higher Hand involved in the Illinois land selection! Continuing the work of Sir Walter Raleigh and Percy Fawcett in South America, as well as my Tibetan projects, over the years, gives me many reasons to believe in Ascended Masters! 

I wonder if you have heard about the Native American legend of the Man Who Came From The Sun? It's the story of how the pyramid of the Sun was built in Cahokia. I feel it would take an Ascended Master to motivate people to build such a massive site and lay it out with such complex star based geometry.

                 Understanding Great Circles

    Teotihuacan- Cahokia- Theosophical Grounds 

        Theosophical Grounds and it's Feng Shui

It is possible to see how the ley line moves across the grounds each square of the nine grid is a Fang Shin gecromancy analysis of the Wheaton location. I really thought the organization would be more interested in this information. So I leave it for future researchers to comprehend.   

                              Cahokia Sacred Site

This photo shows the site to site alignment moving through Cahokia the largest Earth Works in the Americas. 
Cahokia is an Orion aligned site with five major pyramids and a wood henge.  This site is even sacred to the Mayan Elders who brought their crystal skulls there in 2012. 

                          Cahokia Wood Henge 

The center line of the Theo - alignment moves through the Cahokia Wood Henge that was once used to predict solstices and equinoxes as well as eclipses.  

Cahokia:   Pyramid of the Sun largest Earthworks Pyramid in the Americas.

The Native Americans say it was designed and it's construction was overseen by "He who came from the Sun".  

             The Teotihuacan Site near Mexico City  

I do not believe the dates given for the age of these pyramids but you get to see the massive construction in this video. I would say these pyramids at Teotihuacan are 12,500 years old.    

               Two more Ley Lines discovered 

Once again while not really looking for it we found an even more significant ley line running through your property. We were using a global navigation algorithm to calculate a straight line across an exact alignment of Mayan temples in our search for the Atlantian Hall of Records. Our mapping computers detected a world circle alignment with several sacred sites that intersects the first alignment of sacred sites on your (Very Interesting Land). 

We also found out your land is on a (Limestone Aquifer which ionizes water like the Giza Pyramid Site once did) The geography of the land indicates a discontinuity in the way two types of land conduct electromagnetic energy. These are more scientific signs of a true vortex. The statistical probability of two alignments intersecting give tremendous support to the concept that Higher Powers influenced the selection of your land.     

What really puts all of this into the twilight zone, 

considering the identity of the    purchaser of the land, is that the Herndon Log Cabin is on this line (where Lincoln lived) and I am directly related to those Herndon's! The Shiloh battlefield is also on the line. 

Note: I will refer to the ley lines which intersect your land as Theo - 1 and Theo - 2 chronologically. 

I would describe Theo - 1 as a total site to total site alignment and Theo - 2 as a very specific locational alignment. Theo - 2 runs a block from my Illinois residence and also runs through Russian Tibet where I also have a residence but not as close to the line. My backyard is getting as interesting as all the exotic locations we are working in. (Some photos below)The sites that Theo-2 runs through in Tibet are just as interesting as the Mayan Sites.There are quantum theories on how seemingly random choices relate to why people are unconsciously drawn to live on these lines that have to do with astral projection and the collective unconsciousness. Like 100th Monkey Theory and the Tipping Point formula The behavioral anomalies of alignments can be expressed mathematically. Psychic energy from higher octaves running along these lines promotes the unfolding of spiritual concepts. Your land is a trigger point for the entire metropolis to the North. A leverage point where a few enlightened minds can seed spiritual ideas into the masses and effect radical positive change. You are the shining jewel in a crown of a great city. One large city in a good position to survive the earth changes which will surely come in this century. 

Some Photos below that show Theo - 1 and Theo - 2 as they would look from space. I first studied these ideas at the Ivolginsky-Datsan-Buddhist-Temple  on the shores of Lake Baikal in 1991 when I became the first Westerner allowed to study Russian Remote Viewing methods.   

As we have said here at Team Psychic Six for the last thirty years "Straight lines do not lie they Ley" 

So I know I must become a member of your organization because these lines hit me personally!  I think the alignments Theo - 1 and Theo - 2  make a compelling case that your land is part of a divine plan! 

The two alignments 

intersect at the 

Theosophical Grounds 

The statistical odds of so many sacred sites clustering on the these alignments is over a billion to one.  
This convinced me that some intuitive influence was involved in the selection of the Wheaton grounds.
I am not a member of the Theosophical Organization. I am psychic archaeologist like T.C.   Lethbridge and I do not promote or detract the work of this organization but I respect ancient ley lines that intersect at  the location of one of the largest libraries of esoteric teachings in the world.   

Once again I am skeptical of the age of these so called Mayan pyramids I know they are much older than the Mayans who cleaned up these sacred sites and lived on them. I do believe they were visited by advanced E.T. beings and Chino-Sumerians who taught them many things. 

                 Close up of the Yucatan ley lines

These push pins show significant Mayan (Sumerian) sites that line up with the Theosophical location in Wheaton.
What are the odds that three 2000 mile plus ley lines of super ancient sites of advanced construction would cross at the location of one of the worlds largest esoteric libraries built in this century?  Divine Help? 
Yes I think divine help must have been involved in the land selection. 

The Theo (2) ley line is a world circle that hits  several sacred sites in Asia. The second set of Ley Lines show the clustering of sacred sites across the entire world in what is described as a world circle. World circles are explained at the top of this web page.