Vowel sounds open the Chakras on a physical level

What an easy and effective way to open and cleanse the seven Chakras.   (Wheels of Light) Points where the body contacts the spirit. 

 A Simple Ritual to Link a Color to the 8 types of Chi

To the people who live in the East there are eight types of Chi or Prana Energy and they are felt by facings the 8 directions. In the West a color is connected to each direction and a person with psychic sensitivity can feel the energy of the colors and the Chi energy of each direction. Chi might be described as electromagnetic and bio -electromagnetic energy. 7 sounds can be heard and 7 colors can be seen the 8th sound can not be heard and it's color can not be seen. It is associated with the direction of the Northwest. By facing the eight directions and feeling the energy current coming from it's source direction it is possible to draw different types of Chi energy into your body for many different types of benefits and a once you can feel the difference in the 8 Chi's you can begin to use your body as a compass and never get lost even on the darkest night alone and without a light. Sound has the power to direct Chi Energy of different colors into the glands, organs, mussels, joints and bones at the atomic level by the amazing power of resonance cymatics. By visualizing a color associated with a vowels sound pattern you have a key to open every chakra in your body. By knocking the electrons in your body above the speed of light with the correct sound patterns you might learn to levitate or at least be light as a feather. It could take awhile perhaps even more than one lifetime but it's a most worthy goal!

So Light follows thought from light to sound into mater and expectation influence results because the mind is the builder in this frequency or octave of life existing within a greater multiverse . The energy of the directions are the palette from which a Jedi draws paint.    

               What others believe about vowels and it's the same process! 

                         What feels correct to you?                      

                     WE Must Always Consider the Opinions of Others!