The Science and Metaphysics of Astrology

                  We are the ash and water of stars cast out of light making our way home! 

We are not alone! We are surrounded by a galaxy and universe teaming with life and through the electric singularity, which exists beyond wires, that Birkeland currents, a proven this force of mysterious ether does bind us instantly with all life in the universe.  So new physics as brought us to a Source Field of Creation and we are all one within it.  Visualize the light from stars bridging across the universe like infinite optic fibers while gravity acting like a magnifying glass  works through our Sun and Planets concentrating and amplifying that essence of star light light which carries the thoughts and feeling of distant civilizations to the sensitivity of the living earth through her electromagnetic  auric field to all life on our planet!           

Star Systems are learning places each planet is school for the Spirit. Between lives we study on these worlds and when we are physically incarnate on the Earth their Energy affects us consciously and unconsciously.                                                 

       Planets Sound Color and light in the body 

Vam - Jupiter - Sow   Lam - Mars - Ray   Ram - Moon - Meh   Yam - Psy - Earth   Ham - Que - Venus  

Om  -  Faw - Mercury    Sahasara - Yhe  the Sun   Base of Spine - Vvvvvah  - Uranus -Magenta   

Back of Head - Neptune - Sssss  -  water clear      Hypothamus -  Zzzzzzz   Pluto - black   

Anus - Saturn  - Shhh   

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                   More on using the energy in the hand 

                    Part Two -  Greater Cycle of Time

                                 The oldest known zodiac carved in the                                      

                      Dendera temple in Egypt perhaps 8000 years ago !                            

                                                        The planets and stars are in the body reflected in local creation 

                     The First Second of Creation 

                                         Our Galaxy pulled a smaller Galaxy apart                                       

                                     and this caused the collisions of many solar systems                       


                             I see the merging of two solar systems to form our own 

                    Cycles of time and Golden Ages                 

                          Hindu ideas from India                          

                     The Procession of signs moves                  

                         one degree every 72  years                    

                          The Sun and Sirius movement is the reason for the 26,000 year procession of the equinox 

             Nibiru The Red Dwarf and the Photon Belt

                              Celestial Mechanics 

                          Keeping Track of the procession of the Equinox                              

                               and Celestial Motion at the Giza Complex                                   

                                 The Big Zodiac

                                          The Sun's 224 million year Galactic Motion
                                           How our Star Breathes and extends it's life
                                          Within the Photon Belt we meet a Red Dwarf that may not be Nibiru

     2012---2017-signs-in-the-sky-of-a-shift.php                   What the big bang created - The Multi Verse

                              Part three                                            

           The way universal planes fit together 

        A concept of the layered Universe of octaves   

The entire Universe is trying to move above the speed of light .  Spirits are taking on bodies to convert mater to light this process is reason there is incarnation of spirit into mater. 

                           Living a Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life need not be a religious life or dogmatic in any way. Living a spiritual life starts with a

question " What's the Meaning of Life" My realization is that Life is an individual expression of a greater

Unity. The hand feels what it touches but it is directed by the brain to create useful movement, it can be cold

or cut, burned or sore. So it is with the Spirit and the body. We are as human beings the hand of our spirit

which is often called the higher self.  Dense Matter which exists below the speed of light can not be worked

with without a limb to manipulate it. So we are, in our bodies here on the Living Earth to form it into a

paradise a garden of Eden. The problem is that our brains which act as an inter-phase between that which is

above the speed of light and that which is below does not interpret or send messages across the light barrier

with great accuracy. So just as a baby has to learn to use it's hand while it grows into an adult so the Spirit

learns to move through its bodies over several life times. Spiritual Masters like Jesus and Buddha are Hands

of Spirit perfected in their skill to express all that is possible for humanity while incarnate in a physical

human body on Earth. There is nothing religious about that but it's very spiritual because God has lots of

hands and if one hand hurts another hand God can feel it and we thought of the Living Earth as an arm of

God that we the hands of God are attached to we would not want to hurt it because we would be hurting

ourselves. If we looked at all of creation on the Living Earth Animals, Plants, Crystals as fingers of God we

would not want to hurt them either. Instead we would want to use the arm, the hand and fingers to make

matter into light to raise it up above the speed of light barrier where it could exist in perfection. Fore when

the Big Bang created the Universe it did so in many octaves above and below the speed of light. Think of a

giant fireworks explosion that creates light, smoke and residue. Light is free of the material confines just as

Spirits but the smoke and residue make up the physical universe that God wants to convert into light with

his arms (planetary systems) his hands ( Humanoids) and his fingers (all other forms of life). We Spirits

incarnate in bodies are on this Living Earth to work together to help God fashion Matter into Light. So that it

might be understood with greater clarity the Soul is the interphase between the Spirit and God just as the

brain is the inter-phase between the Spirit and the body. Within the Singularity of Creation one Soul might

generate many Spirits, brothers and sisters spread across the universe with certain skills. Some hands of God

are used for healing others for building so it is with the Spirits in a Soul which is a collective of beings (parts

of God) that focus on a particular skill set. I might say that Nirvana is a very organized place!

                                       A Crop Circle Message Decoded by 

         Myself and - Team Psychic Six - Back to Sirius! 

       To understand how messages are transmitted 

                  Check out the diagram below                                    

This is a very important concept for any one who wants to understand the influence of stars and planets on the collective conscience and unconsciousness. Now that science is catching up with Tesla and humanity  begins to understand the quantum effect of electricity outside of a wire we can understand how a singularity can exist everywhere at every time. What was once called (the ether's) by the ancients are now called Birkeland currents by physicists. This concept will begin to allow you to understand how  the collective conscience and unconscious of beings on a planet  orbiting a far away star might instantly telepathically send and receive concepts and emotions and attitudes to us on Earth, and how we might do the same.         


                                  We are from Sirius!         

A Remote Viewers notes:

Ok, How did I arrive at the above message?  First I made contact with the energy fields of several stars  that are said to send craft to Earth.  Second I telepathically projected my question out into the stars.  Third I did a meditation described below towards several stars and waited for an answer.  When I did the open eye meditation toward Sirius I received the answer I needed to decode the Ikpen crop circle.   

First I was told to count the circles. There were 29 and the Circle was made on the 29th

Second I was told to look at the aligned circles and count the circles from the smallest to the three circle alignment.  (there were 19 circles) 

 Third I was told this meant the 19th of July and that it was a planetary star conjunction.

There was one conjunction, it was between the Sun, the Earth and Sirius on the 19th.  

Fourth I was told to look at the Head of the Serpent and note where it pointed. I did and found it pointed to the rising of Sirius on the day the crop circle was created. 

Fifth, the concept of sending electric wave based and telepathic messages through the quantum magnifying effect of the Sun during the Sun, Earth/Sirius alignment opens a communication corridor between two worlds.   

I believe my communication was a success.   

It is also important to understand that our star and Sirius A, B and C orbit around each other just like like the Earth and Moon do.  We are part of one binary solar system.  The ancient Egyptians understood this and the Pharaoh preformed ceremonies at different temples each of the 72 days that Sirius was behind our Sun every year.  He was seeking to make telepathic contact with being from Sirius at the best time of the year.

Robert Temple discovered good evidence that it was visiting beings from Sirius that taught the PHARAOHS OF EGYPT how to communicate with them and when.  The Sirius Mystery (Book)




                                 How to use light and Birkeland Currents to

                                 Communicate with ET's                                

        First You Must learn Lung Gom - Qi Gong

Once you can expand your bodies bio electric Birkeland currents and connect to the core of the Earth's current you can begin to grow spiritually strong.   


    The radiant output on our stars telepathic energy is                                 affected by conjunctions with stars                         


How to communicate with beings living in other star systems. A Lung gom pa /Sweat Lodge/ Seance type of meditation to activate telepathy. 

   A messages received from Sirius by this method 

                About how stars breath dark mater