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 My Free Psychic Training Site

I have to prove to you that I know what I am talking about. I have had a good deal of success in psychic archeology as remote viewer and dowser. I have worked in back engineering future technologies with inventors and the intuitive location of natural resources.  

 Discoveries of Patrick Asti - (Aesteii) search- Patrick Aesteii

Who is Patrick  Aesteii  pronounced  Asti ?  

Born in Finland raised in Canada educated in they ways of surviving a cold war while promoting Western ideas behind the old Iron curtain, with a passion for art, history, bare fisted boxing  and treasure. 

Blessed with a natural psychic ability that many times over the last thirty years has yielded verifiable results and contributed to the growing body of evidence that we are not alone in this universe and that ancient civilizations were very advanced. 

Patrick was the first Western UFO researcher allowed in to Tunguska in 1991 and also the first Westerner to study Lung gom pa based Russian remote viewing methods at the Invoginski datsan on the Eastern shores of Lake Baikal. 

At this time Patrick became involved in uncovering the archaeological origins of the first shamanic culture that originated on the shores of Lake Baikal and spread all over the world. 

This lead to the discovery of the advanced Siberian, Russian Tibet, Shambhalla culture far more advanced than our own culture today. 

Teaming up with the very best remote viewers from all over the world, after the end of the cold war, to pursue peaceful research into Green energy, The psychic location of minerals and gemstones, the location of missing persons as well as the Psychic Location of Archaeology sites.  

Team Psychic Six has had made several international discoveries of previously unknown ancient sights all over the world. These sites challenge conventional ideas about the origin, age and advancement of ancient cultures that once ruled over the Earth.           


               Turn Your Inner Warrior into a Psychic Explorer !  

                                             Patrick Aesteii                                                                              

                             Psychic Archeology!                                               

It's important that I express myself and I feel this website helps me give my insights about the practical use of psychic ability. How it might be used and how to develop it. 

I include some of my discoveries and links to my research on this page so that you can see I know what I am talking about. 

You have to do the work but maybe I can point you in the correct direction. I am not selling anything this information is provided for free but it is owned by me and you need my permission to copy or distribute it.  

As a dowser and remote viewer and leading a team of psychics and explorers : 

Some of my discoveries in detail might give you greater understanding of what can be done with psychic ability .  

While looking for Percy Fawcett's lost city of Zed I located a modern city on the Western border of Brazil where two UFO's have traveled the same route every night for twenty years. 

You can get your lawn chair sit down and watch them cross the sky. Their Flight Path lead me to the Zed UFO Base.  More on my psychic discoveries of ancient sites 

                         Sir Walter Raleigh's Lost Civilization of Guyana  may have been connected to Fawcett's (Z )

              We discovered that UFO's were abundant and watching them at night is more popular than fireworks!                 


Wikipedia is an opinion of history a starting point for basic research but should never be taken to be completely accurate. I provide these links for the basic facts on these two explorers. 

Photos below: A satellite photo of UFO flying into a lake near an Ancient Pyramid, Fawcetts Route took him along                                   the Golden circle ley line. We found many UFO's on the ley line in satellite photos.   

Three Super Alignment Ley Lines helped us locate the Dragon Marker near the lost city of (Z) which was sought by two great explorers who also used Psychics.  Percy Fawcett and Sir Walter Raleigh 

Percy Fawcett, who the character Indiana Jones was based on, Was secretly funded by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Both of these men believed in mediums and the afterlife which motivated them to search for an ancient lost civilization in the Andes. Based on stone carvings Colonel Fawcett found in Peru Doyal was inspired to write the book " Land of the Lost" My Team of Psychics, Scientists Explorers and Techs decided to pick up where Colonel Fawcett left off after his mysterious disappearance in the Jungles of South America back in the 1920s.    

Below in the Photo (The Nazca ICA stones) I am sure Doyle was quite excited to see them. 

These ancient ICA stones have petina of dead bacteria which helps us date them as very old.        

                                             Sumerian and Egyptian  Artifacts discovered in South America

       A site I discovered on the Golden Circle Ley line near where Fawcett found a lost civilization he named Z or Zed More on the World Circle Alignment -  We use global navigation algorithms and  remote viewers to locate ley lines which are treasure maps of undiscovered ancient sacred sites and  Living Earth power points. Patrick Aesteii  (Asti)   Founder - Team Psychic Six  

                                                 The site marker looks like the head of a dinosaur to me! 
The Pre Adamite Denisovan cone headed, read haired, six finger giants with two rows of teeth who are the builders of these ancient sites we discovered.     For more details on our discoveries in the Jungle
               How I discovered a city of Atlantis by dowsing ancient Olmec ley lines 

Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, has been a great help to me in discovering an Ancient Atlantean city and very old sites all over the world.   

This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home in Pinewood on Lake Drive, Va. Beach, Va., this 28th day of April, 1932.

Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Mildred Davis, H. L. & L. B. Cayce.

Time of Reading - 10:45 A. M. Eastern Standard Time.

7. (Q) Was Atlantis one of the five points at which man appeared in the beginning, being the home of the red race? P> (A) One of the five points. As has been given, in what is known as Gobi, India, in Carpathia [?], or in that known as the Andes, and that known as in the western plain of what is now called America - the five places.

In their presentation, as we find, these - in the five places, as man (Let's get the difference in that as first appeared in what is known as Atlantis, and that as man appearing from those projections in the five places - and, as has been given, from their environ took on that as became necessary for the meeting of those varying conditions under which their individualities and personalities began to put on form) - one in the white, another in the brown, another in the black, another in the red. These, as we find, taking that form - Would snow be the place for the black? or the sun the place for the white? or the desert and the hills for either the white or black? as were partakers of those things that brought about those variations in that which enters, or becomes as the outer presentation, or the skin, or the pigment that is presented in same.

8. (Q) The center or beginning of these projections was in Atlantis? (A) Was in Atlantis. Hence we have, as from the second incarnation there - or the story as is given in Judaism doesn't vary a great deal from that of the Chaldean; neither does it vary at all from that that WILL be discovered in Yucatan; nor does it vary a great deal from that as from the older ones of the Indian (East Indian, of course - as it is from the present).

9. (Q) What was the greatest period of the development of the occult sciences in Atlantis and how did the people use them? (A) This, as we will find, will require a great deal of an explanation even to bring to the consciousness of an individual, in the present day way of thinking, as to what is meant by occult or mystic science; for the natural trend - or the natural condition of individuals, or entities - was the use of these; as it is natural to eat!

    In addition to a field team of explorers              

I have assembled a group of remote viewers that          I have worked with for over thirty years        

                                                                                 The exploration patch 
                                                                                    The Psychics patch
                                                                                     The Science patch



          High in the Andes Ancient Mines for advanced 
          Pre- Inca cultures - Team Psychic Six Discovery

Did you ever wonder where they mined all that dorite? When you find dorite mines in salt water at 17,000ft in the Andes you know it was quite a tsunami wave that hit the Pacific side many thousands of years ago only Aliens could have mined these deposits. It could not be done today. No roads in and out and no tools could cut stone like that.

                    Ancient Egypt Discoveries - 

         Psychically locating Gold in Russian Tibet

                                                                       Remote Viewing Maps 

  Psychically locating Pyramids and Dolmens in               Russian Tibet - Team Psychic Six discoveries             

           Ancient Round Sighting Stones in Tibet

          Patrick at the Horse Auctions in Mongolia

The Invoginsky Datsan where I learned Russian Remote Viewing. 

This training launched the international ventures of Team Psychic Six in 1991.

                                                                   Masters of Lung Gom Pa

in 1924. Alexandra David-Neel, an early 20th-century French explorer, was the first European woman to reach Lhasa, Tibet’s remote and forbidden capital. She was also the first, and perhaps only, Westerner to observe a running lung-gom-pa. David-Neel’s surreal encounter is recounted in her memoir Magic and Mystery in Tibet. It remains one of the few eyewitness descriptions of a lung-gom-pa runner on record.

I noticed, far away in front of us, a moving black spot which my field-glasses showed to be a man. I felt astonished. Meetings are not frequent in that region [Chang Thang in northern Tibet] … But as I continued to observe him through the glasses, I noticed that the man proceeded at an unusual gait and, especially, with an extraordinary swiftness … The man did not run. He seemed to lift himself from the ground, proceeding by leaps. It looked as if he had been endowed with the elasticity of a ball and rebounded each time his feet touched the ground.”

In 1950, shortly after Govinda’s visit to Tibet, lung-gom-pa training retreated underground when the Chinese invaded and destroyed the majority of Tibetan monasteries. Both Nyang-to Kyi-phug and Samding were victims of the destruction and with them went the concentrated training of lung-gom-pa runners. The training, if still conducted today, takes place largely in secret. Tibetan monks are reluctant to speak about lung-gom-pa with outsiders for fear of detracting from the real goal of the practice: spiritual enlightenment. Notably, Westerners wrote the only accounts of lung-gom-pa training on record. Like so much about Tibet, lung-gom-pa running remains something of an enigma.

Patrick was there in 1991 and 1992 when the Dalai Lama paid his respects to the mummified body of the Khambo Lama Dashi Dashi Dorzho Itigilov.

                                        Seraphinite The Gemstone I brought to the West

                           Out of the Water 

                                    In the sky 

                                                                      South American Cigar!

                          Yes it is true! 

        We seek to recover downed UFO's       

                                                                             Front and Back     
                       I use the artifact I discovered to locate, call and communicate with UFO's 
                                                                Yes I Can Call Them and Signal them For Flybys