No one can say exactly what the world will look like in the exactly in the future but global warming, whatever its cause, was predicated by Edgar Cayce. 

I believe he was talking about our current century. 

Since I have Found what Cayce said about ancient Egypt to be very accurate,I believe what he says about future earth changes.     

Cayce said earth changes would begin when the volcanoes at Krakatoa and Etna on the other side of the world blew at the same time. This would be due to gravity shift - polar vortex wobble and happen around 2058.  

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                      -  Photon Belt Dust Clould
                          The very complex celestial motion of our star system is predictable and part of a cycle of earth changes 
Sirius A, B and C Our Sun and Nemesis all are part of a multi - star system that influences our evolution, consciousness and Earth Changes  
                                                                     It's all Spelled out in the Sphinx!

       Edgar Cayce said earth changes in America were predicted in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid 

The distances and turns in the Great Pyramid's hall ways represented time periods in history according to Cayce the end is near for one cycle and a new beginning for humanity, spiritually, occurring  after 2038. 

                            Time table encoded in the Great Pyramid and spoken of by the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce 


                    This is not the first time this has happened!

What do Edgar Cayce, Charles Hapgood and Albert Einstein have in common?  -  Axis Shift !  

What do Edgar Cayce, Charles Hapgood and Albert Einstein have in common? Axis shift dynamics and timing! I have been able to make some very interesting discoveries that confirm Edgar Cayce's channeling about Axis shift and the true age of the pyramids of the Americas. Now that scientist are realizing how many pyramids lie covered by thick mud in the jungles of Central America it's time for the truth to come out. LiDAR tells that tital wave truth in a way none can dispute. 
First let me say this, pyramids need to be aligned so the sides face the cardinal directions like in Egypt. The ancients would never go to the effort of building a massive misaligned pyramid! The reason the axis of the earth shifted 50,000 years ago is because of the meteorite strike in Wilks Land that caused the earth to shift and that flash freezed Antarctica. This was because the vacuum of space touched the surface of the earth during the meteor strike. This explains why Antarctica gained its ice so quickly. I am going to show you old North and the old Equator that once ran through Giza Egypt exactly at the Wall of the Crow. This all means those ancient sites in Mexico, Central America and Peru are really older than 50,000 years old because they all align to old North. I have photos that prove this. The only dated event in the life-readings, which may be associated with the first Atlantean destruction was the summit meeting of the countries of the world held in 50,722 BC. This meeting was brought about by the invasion of Atlantis by the giant members of the animal kingdom! The decisions of the countries which attended this summit-meeting are not clear. However, the Sons of Belial appear to have misused their knowledge in their attempts to destroy the invading animals. Despite the best efforts of the Sons of Belial it appears that the animals were eventually destroyed by the power of Spirit/God, ice and through movement of the North/South Pole axis.The effects and the extent of the first Atlantean Disaster was such that the Continent was broken up into five islands. On every occasion when Atlantis suffered cataclysmic disaster, its civilization was very advanced scientifically and technologically. A special thanks to Gustavo Muniz for discovering the Compass Rose in Patagonia! Now we know it was made more than 50,000 years ago.