No one can say exactly what the world will look like in the future exactly but global warming, whatever its cause, was predicated by Edgar Cayce. 

I believe he was talking about our current century.

Since I have Found what Cayce said about ancient Egypt to be very accurate,I believe what he says about future earth changes.     

                      -  Photon Belt Dust Clould
                                                                     It's all Spelled out in the Sphinx!

       Edgar Cayce said earth changes in America were predicted in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid 

The distances and turns in the Great Pyramid's hall ways represented time periods in history according to Cayce the end is near for one cycle and a new beginning for humanity, spiritually, occurring  after 2038. 

Cayce said earth changes would begin when the volcanoes at Krakatoa and Etna on the other side of the world blew at the same time. This would be due to gravity shift - polar vortex wobble and happen around 2058.  

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                   Time table encoded in the Great Pyramid and spoken of by the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce